A Interview with Boris Nad

cosmopolitan and a big thinker, ahead of the time…..

Open Revolt!


The Revolution is Global.  Case in point Serbian author, artist and revolutionary thinker Boris Nad.  Open Revolt is happy to present this brief conversation between Boris and our own James Porrazzo.

nemi-bogoviBoris, thank you for the interview. To be honest we’re very excited about it. For our readers of Open Revolt who may be unfamiliar with your work, can you tell us a little bit about your history in “radical politics”?

First of all, thank you for giving me the opportunity to address to your readers in this manner, which for me is a special pleasure.

My interest in, as you say, “Radical politics” was particularly encouraged by extreme circumstances during nineties of past century: the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and the wars led for her heritage. Only at first cursory sight, those were “retrograde”, nationalistic and tribal conflicts.

In fact, the interests of capital for a radical reconfiguration of geopolitical…

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