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When reviewing a release by Laibach many always get hung up on the aesthetics. For a band so inundated by the controversy of totalitarian themes and ideas permeating their general appearance and philosophy, general assessment of musical content often risks taking a backseat. Considering the performance art-like nature of Laibach, and similarly with another ‘thematically’ engrossed act, Throbbing Gristle, this is no great surprise.

To look at the history of Laibach, it’s interesting to see how they’ve gradually over the decades started to develop a form of social/political commentary, one that is presumably a reflection of the ‘signs of the times’ which weren’t necessarily their own set of values. Laibach have always been a purposely ambiguous, yet thoroughly provocational collective, encapsulated by their infamous quote “we are as much fascists as Hitler was a painter”.

Through much of the 1980’s, their appearance, content and aesthetics granted them controversy for contrasting…

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