Laibach (Volk) [23]. Rossiya (Video)

Uploaded on Nov 25, 2011

The Laibach VOLK DVD marks the end of the extensive tour based on their acclaimed
album, VOLK, a collection of interpretations of national anthems and includes the
national anthem for NSK, the State in time without territory and national
boundaries which Laibach have been linked with since its formation in 1992.
Laibach – Volk

Laibach are uncovering a common ground linking the nations, a shared patriotic
sentiment based around the bloody and violent foundations of nation which here,
can be heard in the lyrics and poem of the largely hymnal tracks.
By reinterpreting the music and translating the lyrics of each anthem, the band
have not only shown us this common ground, they have also offered up a very
pertinent comment on today’s political situation and a warning for future

The DVD contains their concert in Trbovlje, the industrial town associated with
the birthplace of Laibach, a multimedia event that toured all over Europe